How To Keep Your Clients From Going To Your Competition

So, what are the benefits of online training for the beauty industry during lockdown?

It is always a worry that our hard-earned clients who we have shared blood sweat and tears with over the years will go to our competition, especially in a massively competitive industry… Shiny adverts promising the world trying to steer our clients to them.

But what we have to remember is why we are doing the job we are, generally the answer is because we love making others feel beautiful and get a deep sense of satisfaction knowing you are making them happy, we must keep up our positive attitude and remain focussed for our business we cannot become complacent in this industry.

Gone are the days of true loyalty for clients to stay with you just because they like you, everyone always wants more and come the day you can’t offer them a service they want they will find another technician that can… Yes it’s hard to hear this but unfortunately it’s true.

It is for this reason we need to stay up to date with new products and services, what worked for us 10 years ago is most probably run its course, and innovative treatments, products and services have now taken over.

Demographically in each town there used to only be one or two salons; now there’s three or four even on the same street – and that’s why we need to stay ahead of the game and prevent us from going ‘stale’.

We need to excite our clients with our new knowledge and services, plus keeping positive to the client as this attitude is infectious!

Clients want to leave your clinic feeling refreshed, reenergised and happy – after all they are paying for your service no matter who they are, even if it’s your friend, your mum or your long-term client. At the end of the day they are paying you for your service so make it a happy positive one.

I know every time I learn a new technique or treatment I am so excited to do this on my clients I will be telling them how good it is and how it benefits them – I focus all my energy on this, in return this will get the client excited to try the treatment, plus it will be done effortlessly.

Consistency is key.
Always keep a high standard, no matter how long you have known the client – treat each client like the queen no matter who they are…

This lockdown has been perfect for reflection time of Cosmetics Aesthetics, and I have learned one thing – to stay on top of the game. You need to constantly learn new innovative techniques and keep up to date with trends.

I would struggle finding the time to go on training courses when back into work full-time, therefore now is perfect to learn at home I mean we have to stay in anyway so why not make this time count and come out of lockdown with new treatments under our belt.

Let’s get excited about work again, lets offer our clients brand new exciting treatments plus stay ahead of the game.

Our online training academy ( offers online accredited advanced courses. These courses all come with a full kit and everything needed to do the treatments plus you can learn theses in your own time! And what’s better than that?

So, why not do this now to make the lockdown go quicker. You don’t have to worry about taking time off work, what to wear, travelling to our academy as it’s all at the click of a button. You can even reward yourself with a nice gin at end of the course because you don’t need to drive home – cheers to that! Adn remember guys, stay levelled up.