RPL Lasers

Lynton Laser Medical Grade Excelight IPL – Hair removal & vascular (vein & pigmentation)

We now offer IPL laser using our NHS approved medical grade Lynton Laser machine for hair removal to the body and face, as well as skin rejuvenation (vascular lesion treatment, and pigmentation removal) and we can also treat active acne.

Pricing per session:

Hair removal

Facial Hair £50
Underarm £60
Full Bikini £100
Back £100
Chest £100
Legs £100
    IPL Laser Hair Removal Back


    Facial Veins & Pigmentation

    Single area £50
    Cheeks £80
    Cheeks & Nose £100
    Full face £120
    Full face and neck £150
    Hands £80

      EXCELIGHT - Vascular Facial Vessels


      Half face £60
      Full face £100
      Shoulders £100
      Chest £100
      Full back £150

        EXCELIGHT - Acne - Jade's Salon

        We recommend a minimum of 4 treatments, although a course of 6-8 may be needed for best results. A full consultation is required before booking in for any of these treatments, in which a full skin analysis will be carried out.