Semi-Permanent Lip Treatment

Semi-permanent lip blush and lip liner can give the illusion of fuller lips. You will have that look of glamour 24 hours a day! This fantastic treatment is great if you wear lipstick a lot, and would like a solution to constantly forgetting it.

Lip blush and lip liner can be used to completely transform the look and shape of your lips or just to give a subtle lift in colour for more natural lip enhancement. It can remedy uneven lip shape and enhance the volume of one or both of the lips to create a more balanced full lip. Lips that have lost their shape and some of their volume and colour as they’ve aged.

Colour can also be added to the centre to create a natural tint – clear lip gloss can then be added for a glamorous makeup look.


Here at Cosmetic Aesthetic we can also offer you the opportunity to choose a particular colour or a type of style you require. You can also add different colours of lipstick on top of the treatment if you would like to change the desired look for evening look etc.

There are 3 types of treatment for this procedure:

  • Lip Line
  • Lip Line and Blush
  • Full Block Colour