MG Skin Formulations Reviews | Thoughts of Customers So Far


Our MG Skin Formulations ranges have been receiving incredible reviews recently! We are so happy you are all loving the new ranges; if you have not yet seen or tried them, check them out here. Here are just a few lovely reviews on our brand-new skincare ranges:

Katie, 22:

I have used the sensitive range for a while and it has changed my skin completely! I am so happy they’ve brought out 3 more ranges to try because if they’re anything like the sensitive range, I’m gonna be their number one customer!

Lucy, 25:

I think that the skincare ranges that cosmetic aesthetics have brought out are SO UNDER-RATED. They’re all vegan which is amazing and have loads of fantastic ingredients that have made my skin feel incredible recently… especially the retinol repair balm.

Jake, 28:

I got asked to try out the skin brightening set whilst they had some samples in stock and my skin has improved massively. I really like how it just sinks into your skin easily and keeps your face really hydrated for a long time. Would definitely recommend.

Janet, 49:

I recently purchased the full Anti-Ageing set from Michelle and I can already tell a difference. My skin is starting to have a youthful glow and feels a lot firmer than it did before. I am really enjoying using these products and no doubt I will be buying more when I’ve ran out. Well done Michelle and the team for developing such amazing products.

Stephanie, 30:

I’m so happy Michelle finally brought out a skincare range! She has really good skin and I wondered what she used so I really trust these products are going to do my skin some good! I’ve recently bought the clarifying range and haven’t had it for long, but my skin is already starting to look noticeably better! Michelle is a miracle worker.

Keeley, 19:

I’ve been trying to find skincare products to make my skin look more even-toned and brighter for ages, and I think I’ve finally came across the best brand for it. The skin brightening range has really made my face look so much healthier and I now have naturally glowing skin thanks to MG Skin Formulations! THANK YOU MICHELLE FOR THIS!

Sasha, 36:

I use the sunbeds regularly, so I feel like my skin is quite dry and dull. I used the skin brightening range to give my skin a natural glow, and it really worked. My favourite product is the hydrate and glow serum in the sensitive range, which I also put on my chest to stop me getting lines. This product makes my skin feel as good as new, it’s amazing!