Potential Earnings From Training With Us!

In this blog post, we are going to discuss all the potential earnings that you could be earning if you chose to train with us at our training academy. We will go through all the different courses we offer, and how that can boost your income, or how you can make it a full-time career!


Microblading is probably one of the most popular treatments currently, so when we say it’s a great time to start your career in the industry, we really mean it! Because this treatment is so popular, more people will start to offer it in their salons/clinics, meaning within a few years, competition will be very high… However, if you started your training now, you will already be ahead of potential future competition!

So, if you were to complete your training with us (£1500 + VAT = £1800), and charged £250 per set of eyebrows you do… You will only need to do 7 sets of eyebrows and YOU EARN YOUR MONEY BACK!

Similarly, if you charge £250 for a set of eyebrows, 5 times a week for a year (£250 x 5 = £1,250), you will be earning £65,000 PER YEAR (£1,250 X 52 weeks)! Of course, you can charge however much you like for a microblading procedure, but here is just an example of what potential earnings you could have!


Dermaplaning is becoming more popular amongst salons due to the amazing results! This course is open to potential students from all career backgrounds, whether you’re a doctor, waitress, dentist, you are welcome to come and train with us!

This course is £300 + VAT (£360), so if you charged £50 per treatment, you only need to perform 7 treatments and you have earned your money back!

Similarly, if you charge £50 per treatment, and performed the treatment 8 times per week for one year (£50 x 8 = £400), you will earn £20,800 PER YEAR (£400 x 52 weeks)! You can do this as either part-time earnings or even develop it into a full-time career!


Our chemical peel course is currently £300 + VAT (£360) and our skin needling course is £400 + VAT (£480). You can charge anywhere from £50 – £200 for a chemical peel or skin needling depending on competition. Let’s say you charge £100 for each of these treatments, you only need to perform 4 CHEMICAL PEEL TREATMENTS, or 5 SKIN NEEDLING TREATMENTS TO EARN YOUR MONEY BACK!

Furthermore, if you charge £100 for a treatment for chemical peels/skin needling, and you perform 6 treatments per week for one year (£100 x 6 = £600), you could be earning £31,200 PER YEAR (£600 x 52 weeks). Like previously stated, you would have to check the prices of your competition in your local area to get an estimate potential earnings for this treatment.

Here are just a few examples of your future earnings if you choose to train with Cosmetic Aesthetics. All the stated courses are fully accredited by CPD or ABT, so you can have piece of mind that you will receive a nationally recognised qualification upon completion of our courses!

To enquire about any of our future courses, please call us on 01254 399451