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Cogs, Fox Eye & PDO Thread Course - (Accredited)

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Welcome to our advanced Aesthetics Course, specifically designed to provide in-depth training on three innovative and sought-after techniques in the realm of facial rejuvenation: COGS (Thread Lifting), Fox Eye Thread Lifting, and PDO Thread Lifting. This comprehensive program is tailored to empower practitioners with the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to master these cutting-edge procedures.

Course Overview:

1. COGS (Thread Lifting):

  • Dive into the world of COGS, a revolutionary thread lifting technique designed to lift and reposition sagging facial tissues. Explore the anatomy of the face in detail, understand the unique characteristics of COGS threads, and master the intricate art of thread placement for a natural and youthful lift.

2. Fox Eye Thread Lifting:

  • Discover the transformative Fox Eye Thread Lifting technique, renowned for its ability to create a lifted and elongated eye appearance. Gain insights into the specific challenges and considerations for this procedure, and develop expertise in achieving a rejuvenated and refreshed eye contour.

3. PDO Thread Lifting:

  • Explore the versatility of PDO (Polydioxanone) threads, a popular choice for non-surgical facelifts. Delve into the science behind PDO threads, understand their various applications, and learn advanced techniques for lifting, tightening, and contouring different areas of the face.

Course Components:

  1. Anatomy and Facial Assessment:

    • Develop a comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy, particularly focusing on areas relevant to COGS, Fox Eye, and PDO thread procedures. Learn to assess facial structures, identify key areas for enhancement, and tailor treatments to individual client needs.
  2. Product Knowledge and Selection:

    • Acquire in-depth knowledge about the specific characteristics, types, and applications of COGS, Fox Eye, and PDO threads. Learn to select the most suitable threads for different facial concerns and achieve optimal results.
  3. Procedure Techniques:

    • Master the art of thread placement and technique for each procedure. Gain hands-on experience in performing COGS, Fox Eye, and PDO thread treatments, ensuring precision, safety, and natural-looking results.
  4. Combination Approaches:

    • Explore the possibilities of combining thread lifting techniques with other aesthetic procedures to address a variety of facial concerns comprehensively. Understand how to create customized treatment plans for individual clients.
  5. Patient Consultation and Communication:

    • Develop effective communication skills for patient consultations, ensuring a thorough understanding of client expectations and goals. Learn to manage expectations and establish a trusting relationship with your clients.
  6. Safety Protocols and Complications Management:

    • Emphasize safety protocols for thread lifting procedures and learn strategies for managing potential complications. Develop the skills to recognize and address adverse events, ensuring the well-being of your clients.
  7. Hands-on Practical Sessions:

    • Apply theoretical knowledge through extensive hands-on sessions with live models. Gain confidence in performing COGS, Fox Eye, and PDO thread procedures under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Embark on this transformative journey to become a skilled practitioner in the dynamic field of thread lifting. Elevate your aesthetic practice, offering clients the latest advancements in facial rejuvenation for natural, lifted, and refreshed results.