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Cosmetic Aesthetics

Online Microblading Masterclass Training Course - NO KIT - (Accredited)

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This Microblading Masterclass is for pre-qualified microblading technicians to refresh and update their existing skills plus extend and enhance their range of services.

We cover microblading hair strokes, nanoblading strokes for extremely natural bushy brows plus brow shading using a microblade.

This course will cover how to create a perfect hair stroke placement with standard micro blades and also with a precise nano blade, plus how to create a shaded defined brow allowing a full range of brow treatments using micro blades.

  • Throughout the course, this will recap health and safety
  • Fitzpatrick skin types
  • Latex practice
  • Live demonstration of Microblading strokes
  • Live demonstration of nano blading hair strokes and also shading techniques
  • Live demonstration of a top-up procedure

Cost: £200 (+VAT)