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Cosmetic Aesthetics

Online Microblading Training Course + NO KIT (Accredited)

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Learn the art of creating natural looking hair stroke semi permanent brows. Microblading is the use of a hand tool to create ultra fine realistic hair strokes into clients brows. The procedure will take you approximately 1.5 hours to do plus you can charge anywhere between £250-450 for the treatment.

This online course will take you from beginner to advanced microblading artist, no prior qualifications are needed just plenty of patience and enthusiasm.

Throughout the course you will cover health and safety, legislation, sanitisation, endocrine system, blood Bourne pathogens, anatomy and physiology, colour theory, Fitzpatrick skin typing, brow mapping and measuring using 3 different methods, colour choice and mixing, contra indications, contra actions, consultations and treatment plants, troubleshooting, practical work in a workbook, practical work on practice skin, online demonstration of step by step process of the full treatment, online step by step demonstration of the top up procedure, aftercare.

This course is very intense and in detail covering everything you need to know to become successful in the industry.

This course does not include a kit - you will require the following:-

  • Pigments
  • PPE
  • U Micro Blades 17 Slant Micro Blades
  • Brow Pencils
  • Pre Inked Mapping String
  • Golden Ratio and Callipers
  • Sticky Rulers
  • Aftercare Ointments
  • Contaminated Waste Bags
  • Sharps box

You will receive a pre study to complete before the practical training commences, upon completion of the online training you will be required to send in 6 case studies for assessment.

This course is fully accredited allowing you to gain your licence and insurance. This course is fantastic to introduce you to the world of semi permanent makeup.


Cost: £300 (+VAT)