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Cosmetic Aesthetics

ONLINE - Nano Blading & Shading Training Course + Kit

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This Advanced Nano-blading & Shading course is for pre-qualified microblading technicians to advance their skills using tiny micro blades/nano blades and the shading technique with a hand tool.

Nano-blading is the perfect placement of tiny hairs to create a bushy natural brow this can be adapted to many levels of expertise. Micro Shading is the technique used to create a fuller brow adding depth and fullness into the brow this technique can also be used to cover old permanent makeup, create an ombré effect and add subtle definition to the background of hair strokes the techniques and tools used on this course will enable you to offer a wide variety of techniques and styles to your clients.

This accredited online course will cover:

  • Health & safety
  • Benefits of Nano-blading
  • Benefits of Shading
  • Hairstroke mapping and placement
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Problem-solving
  • How to retain hair strokes
  • Practice demonstration step by step on latex
  • Practical demonstration on client
  • Practical demonstration of the top-up treatment on a client

Upon purchase of your course, you will receive your kit of x5 nano blades, x5 shading blades, x10 sticky measuring brow rulers, practice skin and course access.

Upon completion of the course, you will be required to complete a summative assessment alongside a case study for your accreditation, then you will receive your certificate.  

Please note your kit, including your pre-study, will follow in the post and will arrive within 3-5 days of placing your order.

Cost: £250 (+VAT)