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Cosmetic Aesthetics

Ultimate Lips Masterclass - (Accredited)

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Entry requirements: 

  • Must be pre-qualified in Foundation Dermal Fillers

This course delves into a meticulously curated set of components, offering a well-rounded education that encompasses both theoretical understanding and hands-on practical skills.

Course Components:

  1. Anatomy of the Lips:

    • Explore the intricate anatomy of the lips, understanding the layers and structures to facilitate precise and informed treatments.
  2. Advantages of Treatment:

    • Delve into the aesthetic benefits and potential improvements that can be achieved through advanced lip enhancement techniques.
  3. Product Knowledge:

    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the various products used in lip augmentation, including dermal fillers, and learn to select the most suitable options based on individual client needs.
  4. Delivery of Product and Theory:

    • Master the art of delivering lip enhancement treatments with theoretical insights into injection techniques, ensuring optimal results and client satisfaction.
  5. Risks and Side Effects:

    • Explore potential risks and side effects associated with lip enhancement procedures, enabling you to mitigate and manage complications effectively.
  6. Consultation and Complaints Procedure:

    • Develop essential skills in conducting thorough consultations, understanding client expectations, and implementing a robust complaints procedure to uphold professional standards.
  7. Hygiene, Sharps Disposal, and Legal Aspects:

    • Emphasize the importance of maintaining hygiene standards, proper sharps disposal, and adhering to legal aspects to ensure a safe and ethical practice.
  8. Practical with Live Models:

    • Apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on experience with live models, gaining confidence in executing various lip enhancement techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  9. Aftercare:

    • Explore post-treatment care protocols, offering comprehensive guidance to clients for optimal recovery and long-term satisfaction.

Practical Components:

  1. Advanced Lip Lifting Technique:

    • Elevate your skills with an in-depth exploration of advanced lip lifting techniques, enhancing your ability to achieve natural and harmonious results.
  2. Russian Technique Live Model:

    • Immerse yourself in the intricacies of the Russian lip enhancement technique, mastering the art of creating a defined and alluring lip contour.
  3. Cannula Lips Live Model:

    • Gain expertise in the use of cannula for lip augmentation, focusing on precision and safety to achieve desirable outcomes.

Embark on a transformative journey through our Advanced Lip Masterclass, where theory meets practice, and artistry converges with science to shape you into a skilled and confident practitioner in the dynamic field of lip aesthetics.


    1 day, in-house.


    £600 +VAT

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